Saturday, 13 March 2010

After an enforced gap...

A few things have happened over the past couple of weeks - firstly, got ethical approval granted for the research, which is great news. Had some very useful training in using Word for academic writing (now I see what all those annoying areas at the top of the screen are for!), and got myself a shiny new laptop.

Obviously, laptop purchase resulted in catastrophic failure of home network, but, one new router and a nice long ethernet cable later, we're alright again. Thanks go to and tech guy at school; no thanks go to tech guys at linksys.

Big creative writing group event was Mark Robson's visit on World Book Day. It was just the sort of thing I'd been wanting to arrange since starting up the group - 'major-label' author leading a writing workshop with the students - and it went very well.

More later!

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